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NZPBA Classifieds Parts Page
If you have anything to buy or sell then Email the Secretary And we will advertise it here.
When its sold Please let us know and we will remove it Immediately.

Items Sold or Purchased are done so at that Sellers or Buyers own Risk so please insure that you get good Contact information from the Buyer and or Seller and that you let them know when goods are sent and or Arrive. Some Items may be from another Country so take a minute to think about exchange rates and Taxes that may be involved in the Sale or Purchase of an Overseas Item.
For any Item sent discuss with the buyer/Seller the need for getting Insurance on the Postage/Freight of an Item.

Ads are Free, No Limit on Words but Photos will be downsized to suit the Page. You are also welcome to Advertise your Teams Race Merchandise here, Just send in the photos information and the contact details for purchasing.


For Sale Clubmans outboard parts.

1) 30hp Mercury Dressed Power head , has New Rings, Gaskets ,Seals, Head   bolts, Exh bolts ,Carb has been service and new Coil



(2) Mercury 25/30hp LW Cowlings New in box



Contact Codi on 0225082368


What I have is 2 x Mercury SST120 powerheads, one is “standard”, blueprinted and prepared for the old F2 World series, and measures correctly.

The other one doesn’t! It has had loads of work done to it, - ports altered/crank balanced/rods lightened and polished and loads of work done to gas flow it, - a real “Hot Rod”, it certainly won’t pass any engine checks!

Ideal for “club” racing or a ski boat etc.


I also 7 x propellers for these motors, all bought from F2 World Series drivers at different times, - I paid top money and was very selective to buy just the fastest ones, i.e. one of them had just won the “shoot out” in the Emirates, - and was literally the fastest in the world.

Also still moulds for F1/2 available.


If any drivers are interested in any of this just contact me below.

Best wishes,

Nigel Hall ( Great Britain)

Email - reevehall@sky.com


2 blade 11-1/4 x 15 steel race propeller 104 Menkens specially prepared for a 18' McCloud Flatty has never been used $1,000 ono.


Contact: Midge Mallett Ph 067548630 or 0272168444 or email michallasshadow@xtra.co.nz



Engines and components

1x sst120 motor complete blueprinted by Nico (with balanced crank and polished rods)

1x sst120 motor complete (highly tuned and with polished rods)

1x Evinrude 3.3L Etec engine (complete) with racing mid section, F1 gearbox and steering arms

Mercury test prop / wheel

F1 engine tuner (exhaust)

1x pair of steering arms with pulleys

3x sst120 flywheels

3x sst120 gearboxes

1x sst120 mid section with hoses


Air system

Full Tiger Performance Gen 2 mask with spare air bottle, harness and Arai open face crash helmet.


Various including;

Cylinder heads





Lots of props (from very competitive ex world F2 championship competitors)


Please contact me at bhall10@hotmail.co.uk with any questions.


Barry Hall



Wanted Commando 4, multiple national champion boat of the 80's and early 90's for possible restoration.

Please contact Robbie Burns if you have any info on its where abouts.

Mobile 0277405359 or Email  commando_racing @xtra.co.nz

Commando 4.jpg


Wanted 5% Gears for Argo V Drive must be in good condition or new

    Phone Robbie Stewart 027 3257692





Wanted to Buy Marine Exhaust Manifolds.
After a set of marine exhaust manifolds for a small block Chev.
Contact on jonod298@outlook.com

Contact Don Weir  03 6889544   021 056 5399
Offers Please.
                      canopy pic 1
              f16 canopy pic2
              f16 canopy

Wanted to Buy "Input shaft for casale"
- 28/8/16
Input shaft for casale vdrive, 1 3/8” shaft, with 5/16” keyway.

Mobile: 21 02410351
Email: floatingkiwi@yahoo.co.nz

For Sale "Race Helmet"
- 8/6/16

Nolan N43 Helmet (Size - Small)

HI Viz orange

Has removable chin guard so can be
used as open or closed face.

(Or incase of emergency and need air supplied)

Very good condition no marks or scratches.

$180 ONO Contact - Sam Hughes 0211406665

Wanted to Buy"Steering Helm"
- 6/6/16

Wanted to buy a chrome or billet steering helm for an old flat bottom ski
boat anything considered please contact Jono on

email: jonod298@outlook.com

Wanted to Buy/borrow "Cockpit Moulds"
- 12/12/15

tunnel boat driver cockpit mould and rear cowling mould , that I could get a cockpit made for me or could borrow or pay for the use of the mould , anything considerd , Tunnel hull is approx size of a funway flyer or F3.

Please contact Ross Leger 0274424850
email: info@bruceroadstorage.co.nz

For Sale Outboard Props"
- 1/12/15

Clear out Sale of;
Mercury and other ‘Hi Performance Outboard Propellers’

Mercury Part number 48-822267-28 pitch
4 Blade Stainless Cleaver with ears for de-acceleration.
Excellent / perfect condition only $400

Mercury 48-89856A4- 22 pitch SS Chopper 3 blade
Mercury 48-75768A4- 20 pitch SS Chopper 3 blade
Both v good condition… only $275 each

EF 18-824000-A5 31 pitch Thru Hub 3 blade.
Beautiful propeller, offers about $400 considered.

Bri Ski 3 Blade Bronze Offshore Cleavers.
Surface riding high pitch type.
2 right hand and 1 left hand, V good condition
$300 each or $600 for all 3.

Quiksilver 14 inch Dia 3 Blade Thru Hub Cleaver 24 pitch. $300 ono

48-823997-A5 29 pitch 3 blade Thru Hub
Black Hawk Stern Drive prop, I of a duro-prop set. $300

Mirage Cleaver 23 in V Good Condition $300

Hi 5 Mercury Prop - 21 pitch in good cond $250.00
Hi 5 Mercury Prop - 17 pitch in well used condition $150.00

Reasonable Offers considered, viewing is by arrangement with Carl Potter
South Auckland Marine,
1 Walter Road
Ph 09 298 9436

If you are looking for used or New Mercury Parts at a good rate, try there first.
Plenty of other Props in stock as well… including some vintage Mercury.

Wanted to Buy "Flattie Props"
- 3/10/15

Wanted to buy 2 or 3 bladed props suitable for a 15' "Flattie".

9'5" dia X 13.5" -- 14" pitch. RH. Machined with a std taper for a 7/8" shaft.

Must be in good condition.

Ph 0279122856 email: barrypsimmonds@gmail.com

Wanted to Buy "Casale Gears"
- 20/8/15

Set of 12 degree 18-22 percent gears for casale vee drive.
Racing life jacket.
Large Cable driven or electronic rev counter
Phone Wayne on 021 246 7789

For Sale "Helmets"
Helmets - 14/8/15

Two helmets, perhaps suitable for the boat racers.
On Trade Me
2x FFM Helmets. Large & Medium. Both with BMW pivoting style mouthguards.

Luke Richardson
Phone 021 738-892
Email: luke@fr8base.co.nz

For Sale "F1 Power Head And other Parts"
F1 Parts - 17/6/15

I have a F1 A10 ECU for sale and F1 V6 crank Plus a mixture of other F1 Mercury parts Garage clean out
Also trade me Listing # 904432938 F1 power head Contact John 021992299
or Email: johnhercock@hotmail.com

Wanted to Buy "Carburetor"
Series 3000 - 6/1/15

Wanted to buy 390cfm 4 barrel Holley carb
Simon Farnsworth
0210305763 Email: simonfarnsworth@icloud.com

Wanted to Buy "Inboard Rudder"
Inboard - 22/2/15

I'm after a Rudder for an Inboard Ski Boat
please e mail Jono on Email: jonod298@outlook.com

Wanted to BUY "Parts for Evinrude Super Strangler"
22 /4/14
Wanted To Buy,
Any and all parts for an Evinrude Super Strangler.
Nigel Flynn . Australia.
Email: flynn.nigelj@gmail.com

For Sale "Hydro Sonic Clubmans Trailer"

fits a hydro sonic hull but have also had a Bri Ski hull on it as well , trailer is wired and all lights work ,has spare wheel and fuel container carrier , decked with 17mm tanilized ply and covered with wet carpert , trailer galvanized , dura torques , needs rego and wof $900

Phone 0274 424 850 or powerststorage@xtra.co.nz

For Sale "496 BB Chev"
25 /11/13

Over $20,000us dollars of parts, labor & Machine work has been done to this torque monster. The block is an early casting (cam journal dead center) with a high nickel and tin content according to casting #'s. The 427 tall deck 4 bolt main block was ground for clearance for the Eagle 4340 nitrated 1/2 in. lightened stroked crank & h-beam rods. Mains and Heads Studded. All oil passages were opened up. Decked to 0.0 clearance and 4 Billet 4-bolt main caps installed before line boring/honing.

The valley is screened and painted. The thrust cap opened up for maximum oil flow volume and runs a wet sump melling high volume oil pump. The whole block was de burred. Bored 0.30 and honed for sized chrome moly rings. Windage tray on the bottom and Rev Kit to protect the cam. The machine clearances for the crank and cylinders are tighter than standard auto specs due to the low running temp that boat motors run. Not set up for mud suckers (V_Drive oil pan). The pistons are the same wrist pin location and h-beam rods are the same length as a 454. The best geometry for a long life long arm and high rpm motor. The longer stroke and taller deck allow for this. The pistons were all massaged and radiused to prevent hot spots as well as weak links in the rotating mass. The SRP forged piston crowns were Thermo Barrier Coated for protection against detonation/or a lean tune. Dry Lube coated skirts to prevent scoring on the cylinder walls. Everything was internally balanced at Beans in El Cajon, Ca.

Black Powder Coated team G intake, portmatched. Reworked 1150 Dominator (Have jet pac 88-100's squirters, secondary cams & gaskets). Vertex Mag with new coil, Brass drive gear and full advance set up at 3,000 rpm, High Torque Starter True Roller Timing Chain (oiled thru modified valley plug). ARP Studs & Bolts (except S/S) Schneider Cam-306 split duration and around .750 lift w/ 1.7. rockers. Almost a diagonal torque curve between 3 and 8,500 rpm. Roller everything. Fluid Dampener, Stud Girdle. Comes with Scoop, pan & throttle linkage. Nicson Water Pump with new impeller. All external fasteners are S/S Allen. Headers not included.

The heads are Pro Topline's 335 oversized rectangle port that had 40 hrs porting, port matching and chamber work for maximum swirl & intake/exhaust flow. The heads were o-ringed if you want to go Blown and the piston/stroke/and cc of the chambers equal 13.3:1 compression and runs well on C-12. Titanium valves (16 @ $100 ea.) were installed Titanium Locks & Retainers with 500 ft/lbs springs-open. Basically , this motor was blueprinted to run at 8,500 rpm and get there quick and do it for an long time!

I'm sure I forgot something, but I hope you get the picture on this. The only track time was 2 tuning runs. I relaxed the valve springs for storage (inside). Let me know if you have any questions.
Too many mods to be modified to run in a car! Complete from Scoop, W/P, Dampener to Oil pan. It's ready to drop in.
Remember-NEVER RACED AND EVERYTHINGS FRESH AND NEW!! Should Dyno around 800hp @ 8,000 rpm with torque curve ideal for a quarter mile . Should be able to handle a 250 shot of noS easily and still get good life out of it.


Contact:Dean Probyn
Phone: 021 2968927 or 06 7536634
Email: dean001@clear.net.nz

For Sale "SR20 Race Engine"

Everything new this year
Has only had approx 30min running time since it was built comes with all reciepts and dyno sheet.

160kw at wheels good strong motor

Bottom end
Balanced crank and flywheel, Polished journals. Balanced rods and pistons
Hi Compression pistons with Genuine nissan Piston rings

Top End
52mm efi hardware throttle bodies
High lift with large duration race cams by Franklin cams ( Franklin cams do Rod Harveys Drag Celica)
adjustable cam gears
Kelford cams race valve springs
Head work (Porting And Polishing) and valve machining done by Rex Danby
modified winged and baffled sump now holds 6litres of oil
external oil pressure regulator for ultimate oil pressure control (peterson) .


Call for more Information
Contact Brody 0211 468 443
Email: Kitchens.and.installation@gmx.com

FOR SALE "Outboard Parts & Props"
Outboard Classes - 2/8/12

· Mercury Starter Motor SOLD

· New Style Dewald Props,
Front Leading Edge Style (short track)$1500
Bronze traditional (short track) style $1500
Round Ear Dewald 18” pitch $600

· Trim Pump
1 season old, never wet $450.00

Please call Luke Sharp if you have any questions.
Phone 021 506003
Email: sales@outboardmarine.co.nz

WANTED TO BUY "F1-F2 Trailer"
Outboard Classes - 13/5/12

Wanted to Buy Trailer suitable for F1 or F2 Boat - Any condition considered.

Contact Damien Kelly 0212643519
Email -

Outboard Classes - 22/2/12

French Driver looking for LH 4 blades prop for ssm4 gearcase with pitch around 21 pitch

jm rangotte
Email -

For Sale "Powerhead's, Props, Gearbox's, Various"
Outboard Classes - 29/11/11, Photos to follow.

Mercury 280hp with new pistons, bearings etc, 20" offshore with integrel trim, CLE gearbox but can make engine 15" and fit sportsmaster.

Brand new Sportsmaster 15" or 20"
2 of S/Hand 2.5L Sportsmaster gearbox
S/Hand 2.5L C.L.E gearbox
2.5L 20" or 15" mid section
260hp Dressed or undressed powerhead
260hp Shortblock
XR2 dressed powerhead
X-world circuit 2 Litre nic block, lots of nic sleeves ,pistons , crank, rings, lots of heads etc (Cheap)

Adapter plate ,spline extension and tube for 15" to Mark 4 Quick foot.
Fully worked 2.5L S3000 Dressed powerhead.
Slider injection front
E.T Props different sizes
Fully worked Yamaha Drag prop 26"
4 Blader Hydromotive 30" 17--- Left hander light weight flywheel 2.5L , 2L
Left hander 2.5L, 2L starter motor ( NEW )
Left hander light weight flywheel 2.5L , 2L
Contact Andy Morris 027 241 5099

For Sale "V8 Race Engine"

355 cu in Chev as run in "Bowtie Boogie" Engine will be pulled down, checked & freshened up before sale (new timing chain, rings & bearings). Can be inspected before assembly if you wish.

Would prefer to hang on to the mag & dry sump tank. Otherwise it's complete, air cleaner to sump, 5 stage dry sump system etc. All good gear in this engine, buyer won't be disappointed!

For more info & price please contact Mike on 0274529375 or (04)9765708
Email - madisonblues@clear.net.nz

For Sale "Parts"
17 /1/11

Propeller - LH Mercury Cleaver - 9 1/4 X 16 (F1/F2)
Excellent condition (no chips or repairs). Excellent beginner prop.
Price: $500NZD

Also Available 2.0L EFI Bridgeport Powerhead (excluding ECU).
Block and Bores (All Nikasil) in excellent condition (no "blow ups")
Ran on "Nelson Metals" 08/09 season and at last Rotoiti Regatta on "JACAL"
All Genuine Mercury High Performance running gear and electrics
Crankshaft in good condition (no journal damage)
Top-pinned Pistons by John Marles in the US
Bottom-guided High Performance Rods
Crankcase front-half has a small weld from a blow-up on 2.5L last season, has been beautifully welded and run since
2.4L "Horn" induction
Standard High Performance Flywheel
Price: $5,000NZD
Phone Julian on: 021 943 481
Email - jstilwell@jacal.co.nz

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